Selection of innovative articles created by international firms and renowned designers, inviting reflection on the social changes that this bedroom object reflects.

They say it’s all in the name. For decades, the clothes valet was associated to a clear image: an elegant piece of furniture, upright, vain, perhaps a bit stiff. However, beyond their name, the changing profile of objects reflects society’s point of view at each time, its aspirations, longings and fantasies…

After some time out of favour, the clothes valet is reborn in the 21 st century with new shapes created by the best designers of the day, freed from gender and as a useful accessory for all, men and women. There is a key moment that marks the beginning of this transformation, when designer Giorgio Armani made the jacket a basic item in the wardrobe of the elegant woman in the 20 th century. Society in continuous evolution and the great creativity of modern-day design have done the rest.

We hope you enjoy the renewed clothes valets at Cotton House Hotel.

Marta Rodríguez Bosch

Curator of Clothes Valets for the 21 st Century


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