The Cotton House, beautiful luxury hotel in city center

As it is the Terrace week here in Barcelona, many hotels around the city organizing special events for us to appreciate the magnificient terraces we have in the city, I am presenting you a new hotel from the Autograph Collection

The Cotton House surprised me in the best way possible, discovering this old city palace converted to a clubhouse for the cotton factory  directors and staff was incredible. The property still belongs to the same family but has been renovated and reinvented into a luxury hotel by the Autograph Collection. It has been designed by none other that the super famous Lázaro Rosa Violán

Every time I see his work, it doesn't stop to amaze me, he has been able to conserve the rich and antique feel to it introducing modern elements. Of course his trademark are the lamps, and each corner  of this wonderful hotel has a beauty and charm that transmits luxury, comfort and warmth. Centric hotel, it is situated next to the Palace hotel and the guests are able to use the facilities of the Mayan Spa in there. The Cotton House has great rooms and suites, a cute terrace on top with a small pool, a small but complete gym and the cosiest and pretty terrace, part of their restaurant Batuar. It has also conserved some of the cotton house club as it has a fitting room where you can choose material to make tailored shirts  by Santa Eulalia.

The Cotton House:

 GRAN VÍA de les CORTS CATALANES, 670. Tel: 0034 93 450 50 45