Social responsibility

Social responsibility

What are we doing in order to try and be a more sustainable hotel?

- Hiring Ilunion services, a social company that works with people who have different disabilities. The hotel is currently employing 16 people from this company. March, 2015 - Current.

- Volunteering work by 5 employees of the hotel at Aldeas Infantiles, organized by the Northern Spain Business Council, in order to help a village with maintenance work as well as a food collection. April, 2015 - Current.

- Volunteering work by 10 employees of the hotel at El Gran Recapte, a food collection campaign for people in need. The volunteers helped distribute all the food to the different collection aereas and classified and divided the diferent types of food products. December, 2016.

- Collaborating with Cáritas and their "Formació i Treball" Foundation in order to collect clothing for people in need during the Christmas holidays. Employees at the hotel managed to gather 60kg of clothing. December, 2018.

- Donation of hotel pillows to a meditative and spiritual retreat in the region of Vic that focuses on teaching mindfulness to children and adults. January, 2019.

- Removal of plastic straws in the restaurant, replacing them with paper straws. July, 2019.

- Offering AUARA water bottles in the rooms. AUARA is a social and sustainable natural mineral water, manufactured with materials which are 100% recycled and recyclable. Also, for every AUARA litre of water, the company generates 4 litres of clean drinking water in developing countries.

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